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First off, a big apology to all the people wondering where I've been the last couple of weeks. Life has been... hectic as of late. But now that school's out I'll be dedicating quite a bit more time to deviantArt and to the activities that got me so involved in this site. Chiefly making some Daedric armor! I haven't had time to work on it but I'm still very excited about the project, mainly due to the discovery of bondo filler putty (A big thanks to fairlyodd1217, go check out his iron helmet My original daedric helmet is really rough because I lost patience with trying to smooth out the bondo, but now that I know better than to rush it (and filler putty to help smooth it even more) I'm thinking I can get my pieces to the prop level quality I had envisioned.
    It's also worth nothing that I think it's high time I got with the times and make my files available for download. My original plan was to make this all very personable and handle everything on a per request basis. That was well and good for a while but frankly it's been a bit overwhelming lately. Never in a million years did I expect my humble files to take off like they have and the demand has been quite difficult to keep up with. So hopefully over Christmas break I'll find time to convert everything over and get links up to download my pep files.
    Now I know I've been talking about how busy I am, but I have found time to play Dragonborn, the third add-on for Skyrim. It's amazing. I was pretty happy with Dawnguard until I played Dragonborn. It showed me how halfhearted on an "expansion" Dawnguard was. If you haven't played Skyrim lately because you ran out of things to do you really really need to get Dragonborn. It's like playing Skyrim for the first time all over again. Plus it's added a ton of awesome new items, many of which I'm very eager to make pep files for.
So for now it's time to make good on promises of progress and also to send out all of these pep files (thanks for your patience everyone).
Have a very merry Christmas!

tl/dr version:
Time to get to work on Daedric Armor
I'll be adding download links for pep files
Dragonborn is awesome
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December 17, 2012


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